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2023 Saxon’s Diamond Centers holiday gift guide!

2023 Saxon’s Diamond Centers holiday gift guide!

Welcome back, reader! We know holiday shopping can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be.  In this article you’ll find what I consider to be can’t miss gifts for the 2023 holiday season. But first a little about me: My name is Andrea and I have been working in the luxury jewelry industry for over 11 years. I currently work in a local jewelry store, Saxon’s Diamond Centers, in Harford County, MD that has been in the community for over 65 years. As a team at Saxon’s, we have over 200 years of combined experience and I will be sharing with you some of our tips, advice, and feedback through this blog. 


Jewelry is a great gift option for the holidays! Whether for a mom, dad, or a special someone in your life, receiving jewelry is exciting and memorable. Here are a few of my favorites that you can find at Saxon’s Diamond Centers.


Ideas for her:

  1. Diamond Stud Earrings: Diamond studs are the perfect earrings to wear everyday and are appropriate for all occasions, whether it be for work or for celebrating something special. One of the great benefits of purchasing diamond stud earrings from Saxon’s is our awesome upgrade program.*  It allows you to buy a smaller diamond now, and upgrade when you’re ready.  At any time you can come back into the store and exchange your diamond for something larger.  In exchange for your old diamond, Saxon’s gives you the original value toward the purchase of your next larger diamond. You can continue to upgrade until you get to the diamond carat size you desire. This program is very popular at our store!  https://saxonsdiamondcenters.com/products/diamond-stud-earring-31
  2. Samuel B. Paris Bangle: From our premium sterling silver designer, Samuel B, these bracelets are all handcrafted in Bali and come in a variety of styles and natural gemstone accents. These sterling silver bracelets have a beautiful braided design and are a great piece to layer with other bracelets. The bracelet shown has blue topaz accents, which is the December birthstone. Other birthstones are available to order with these bracelets. https://saxonsdiamondcenters.com/products/paris-bangle-blue-topaz
  1. Denny Wong white gold and blue diamond accent crab necklace: From our luxury Hawaiian designer, Denny Wong, is a classic crab necklace perfect for all nautical and sea creature admirers. This 14 karat gold white pendant has an adorable crab hanging from his claw and has gorgeous blue diamond accents on both of the eyes and the top of the claw. A great item for our local Maryland crab lovers. https://saxonsdiamondcenters.com/products/diamond-necklace-139
  1. Saxon’s Signature Collection 18kt white gold diamond and sapphire ring: From our Saxon’s Signature Collection is a gorgeous 18kt white gold ring with alternating round brilliant diamonds and round deep, clear blue natural sapphires. Designed and made in New York, this ring is one of many stunning items in our Saxon’s Signature Collection. The 18kt white gold is alloyed with palladium making it hypoallergenic and the diamonds used in the band are all exquisitely cut diamonds, whose fire, brilliance and scintillation are beyond compare. saxonsdiamondcenters.com/collections/fine-jewelry/products/precious-gem-ring


Ideas for him:

  1. Ball watch, Trainmaster: These amazing luxury automatic watches are both timeless and striking in appearance. This watch shown below has a gorgeous moon phase dial at the top, which will keep track of the phases of the moon. It has a sapphire crystal back, which allows you to see the amazing Swiss movement in action. With micro gas tube luminosity, precise Swiss mechanical movements, and endurance technology, we cannot keep a full inventory of these watches in our store, as we continuously sell them! saxonsdiamondcenters.com/collections/watches/products/trainmaste
  2. Benchmark's gold band “The Switch:'' From our amazing men’s band designer, Benchmark, is a wide and varied selection of amazingly crafted men’s rings. All made in Huntsville, Alabama, these American-made rings are visually stunning and of amazing quality.  This particular band shown has a wild “mokume” pattern woven into the gold that makes the style reminiscent of the inlay of a sword. If you peek at our website, you’ll see other amazing designs made by Benchmark that range from wood textures to camo patterns and hunting/fishing motifs. saxonsdiamondcenters.com/collections/wedding-bands/products/the-switch
  3. Cuban link chain in 14kt yellow gold: Gold chains have received more demand among our male customers, notably the thicker and heavier styles. These impressive gold chains have a solid, heavy weight to them and are visually eye-catching when worn with a solid color shirt. saxonsdiamondcenters.com/products/yellow-gold-cuban-chain


As you are shopping online or looking for inspiration, just know that we are only a phone call away to answer any of your questions. We thrive on assisting our customers to find the perfect gift!

*(only for natural diamonds and diamonds in the trade in must be in good condition)

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