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Our Watches

If you’re looking for a watch that is classic and edures, you’ve come to the right place. At Saxon’s Diamond Centers, we’re proud to be the home of some of the world’s most respected, and fashionable timepieces. Every watch you see in our case will stand for more than the test of time. They are trusted brands that stand and are known for not only unique designs, but the quality and integrity of today’s finest timepieces. Time to stop in or contact us to learn more.

citizen watches
Citizen® Watches

Citizen is a trusted name and brand leader in the watch industry for over 100 years. Their beautifully designed watches that go from day to night and are known for their innovative timekeeping technology.
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michele watches

Created for women, by women, MICHELE watches are known for their elevated luxury that fit any style. MICHELE designs women's watches that connect function with inspired design. Globally recognized as a premier fashion brand, always appealing to fashion-forward individuals!
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BALL watches
Ball Watch

Since 1891, BALL Watch Company has been producing mechanical timepieces that comply with the most stringent criteria for precision, quality and reliability.
Find your perfect BALL watch.

g-shock watches

The most durable digital and analog-digital watches in the industry, trusted by military personnel, law enforcement, surfers and outdoor enthusiasts around the world.
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Seiko watches
Seiko Luxe Watches

Elevate your style with Seiko Luxe watches. Melding innovation and tradition, these timepieces showcase meticulous craftsmanship and technological prowess. From minimalist elegance to opulent charm, each watch is a symbol of prestige and lasting quality. Experience the art of timekeeping at its finest with Seiko Luxe.
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glock watches
Glock Watches

Discover the world of GLOCK Watches, where precision meets elegance. Explore our extensive range of high-quality timepieces and find your perfect match in our exceptional collection.
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