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Buying Your Diamond Online

Nobody knows diamonds better than Saxon’s. After all, it’s not only in our name, it’s in our DNA. We also know buying a diamond isn’t easy. There's so much information out there and, most importantly, misinformation out there. Which is why it’s so very important to purchase a diamond from a reputable, local retailer. We know buying online has become the way of the world. Which is why you can purchase any of our diamonds online. Truthfully, we believe buying a diamond, which is one of the biggest purchases of your life, is best accomplished when you see the diamond in-person. But either way, we’ll be there to help you every step of the way. Our owners personally pick out every diamond to ensure maximum sparkle and brilliance. 

When you are purchasing a diamond online you want to be educated on all of the variables and certainly the 4Cs: Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color. It can be a little complicated and hopefully we’ve explained it in an easy-to-understand way here.

A professional retailer like Saxon’s is educated and skilled in gemology. And, all the intricacies that come along with it. Have a question? Simply give us a call at our 410-836-8000.

You might be doing some comparison shopping online, and you should be! Buying a diamond or engagement ring is precious and important.
There is so much more to it than price.
There are many sayings in the world of retail, but none is truer than this: If it’s too good to be true. It probably is.

A diamond is priced based on a number of factors including the 4Cs. This is also why we like to show you side-by-side comparisons. If you prefer an online purchase, rest assured you have a company you can trust, who you know, and who is invested in your community. With a physical showroom you can stop by anytime!

Every natural diamond you purchase online or in our store comes with the following:

  • FREE Inspection
  • FREE Diamond Tightening
  • FREE Sizing
  • FREE Lifetime Cleaning
  • FREE Refinishing or Rhodium Plating
  • FREE Appraisal Upgrades
  • A GUARANTEED Trade-in Value
  • GUARANTEED Workmanship
  • Special Pricing for Your Wedding Bands
  • Interest-Free Financing
  • A 6-month Layaway Option

When it’s time to buy a diamond always Say it With Saxons!