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Engagement Rings

There’s nothing like getting engaged…… Getting an engagement ring from Saxon’s Diamond Centers just makes it even better.

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Trends & Styles

Engagement rings should be an expression of who you are. That ultimate expression. An engagement ring that you’ve always dreamt about. Are you classic, contemporary, modern, traditional, or have a flair for all things vintage? If you’re going for something exclusively you, custom designing the ring of your dreams may be the perfect option.

Getting engaged should be incredibly fun, easy, and yes, comfortable. That’s the Saxon’s Diamond Centers promise. We’ll make it all three! Most couples want to know where to start. For us, it starts with getting to know you. It starts with asking some important questions. What engagement ring styles do you like? What’s your lifestyle? What’s your favorite diamond shape and cut? Have a few? We’ll show you a wide range of diamonds and settings to ensure you find the right one. An engagement ring that speaks to you! That’s our ultimate goal. Although you can certainly purchase any of our engagement rings online, with an important purchase such as this, it is best to be seen in person. Because when you know, you know!

custom designed engagement ring

Unique because you are.

There's nothing like bringing your creative vision to life! Our talented designers can create an engagement ring that's one-of-a-kind. The only limit is your imagination! Make an appointment here or simply stop in. We’ll take the time to get to know you and get a feel for exactly what you are looking for. And, we have several designs we can show you for inspiration. The process is easy. Find out more about custom design and what we can do for you!

signature bridal collection by saxon's

Signature by Saxon’s.

A Signature by Saxon’s engagement ring is so special, we have our name on it! Our exclusive collection brings a wide array of stunning styles mixing superior quality and craftsmanship. What makes it so special? We’re proud to say that it’s made in the USA. Every diamond exhibits a hearts and arrows pattern, is cut and polished providing maximum fire and brilliance. See more of this extraordinary collection. 

Color. Color. Color.

The majority of engagement rings you will see include a white diamond as the center stone. It’s both traditional and stunning. Looking for something just a little different? Consider a color gemstone. Color is the ultimate in originality. Color can be utilized as a center stone or as a fabulous accent. It can range from blue sapphires, red rubies, green emeralds, and yes, considering a color diamond to some is the ultimate. It really comes down to personal preference and your individual style. If you want to consider a colored gemstone, you can learn more about it here. Are colored diamonds something you would like to consider? You can find more about this option here.

colored gemstone engagement rings

Engagement Ring Designers We Love.

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The styles that never go out of style.

It’s nice to know trends. But, when it comes to engagement rings, which we hope will last a lifetime, it’s also important to select a style you love. Here’s a mix of what’s popular now and what has endured.

brilliant round engagement rings
Brilliant Rounds

Round diamonds cut to perfection are by far the most brilliant, which is why they remain popular each and every year. A classic that can’t be beat if you are looking to take her breath away.

fancy engagement rings

Fancy cut diamonds are back with a vengeance and we love that they are. Emeralds have always been one of the most traditional and stunning cuts that have endured. Ovals are totally back on-trend and give that bigger look, and a pear-shaped diamond has that wonderful elongated look making the stone appear larger.

split shank engagement rings
Split Shanks

This style, with two bands running off the center diamond, is both dramatic and a trend that’s here to stay. It makes your center stone look suspended and gives you plenty of sparkle.

stackable engagement rings

For quite some time, we have paired a diamond band with the main engagement ring. The look is fabulous. But, we are also seeing more than one band being added right away or when celebrating an anniversary. We are also seeing combinations on white, rose and yellow gold being stacked. So versatile.

yellow and rose gold engagement rings
Yellow & Rose

White gold and platinum are by far the most popular. But, we’re seeing a resurgence in yellow gold and rose gold. Both tend to make the diamond pop. No wonder they’ve become so popular!

solitaire engagement rings
Simple & Stunning

A basic metal band that puts the emphasis on the center stone will never go out of style. We’re seeing both thin and thicker bands.

3 stone engagement rings
More is Better

Can’t decide on one? 3-stone rings used to be largely marketed for anniversaries to celebrate your past, present and future. Now we’re seeing multiple diamonds purchased to celebrate one great love. Yours.

vintage engagement rings
Vintage & Deco

Everything old is new again…right? Vintage styles have made a comeback for a number of years now. And, we couldn't be happier. There’s something special about remembering the past.

Choosing the perfect metal.

Believe it or not, what metal you chose can not only change the way your ring looks, it also matters when it comes to your lifestyle. Skin allergies? You will probably want to consider platinum which is hypo-allergenic. Gold is by far the most popular metal - and always has been. However, if you’re selecting white gold as your option, you should know to keep its shine and white appearance, it will most likely need to be dipped every so many years. For men’s wedding bands, there are the traditional options and a number of less expensive metals we see growing in popularity. Here are a few things to know about metals that matter.

gold jewelry metal

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