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Are you interested in an engagement ring with color?

Are you interested in an engagement ring with color?


Welcome back, reader! In this article we will explore non-traditional stone options for your engagement ring. A little about me: My name is Andrea and I have been working in the luxury jewelry industry for over 10 years. I currently work in a local jewelry store, Saxon’s Diamond Centers, in Harford County, MD that has been in the community for over 65 years. As a team at Saxon’s, we have over 200 years of combined experience and I will be sharing with you some of our tips, advice, and feedback through this blog. 

Did you know that engagement rings do not need to have a diamond as the center stone? By choosing a different gemstone, you can add color and visual interest to your ring. Over the past year, we have seen an increasing number of customers who are interested in a unique and colorful look for their engagement ring. What better way to set yourself apart from the masses than using a precious (or semi-precious) gem for the center stone? Not only does choosing a colored gemstone allow you a colorful and unique look, but it also can bring down the overall cost of the engagement ring. There are so many beautiful and dramatic colors available for precious gems, as well. The blue-green ocean color of a paraiba tourmaline, the peacock green tone of a Montana sapphire, or the purple-blue night sky hues of a tanzanite. The possibilities are endless! There are dozens of examples of these beautiful engagement rings online, but here are a couple examples of rings we have here at our location: 


Something to keep in mind, however, is the hardness of the center stone. As this ring will be worn regularly, you should consider the stone’s durability. On the Moh’s hardness scale (1) a diamond is a 10/10, a sapphire and ruby is a 9/10, topaz/aquamarine/emerald are an 8/10, a tanzanite is a 6.5/10, and an opal is a 6/10. While tanzanites and opals have a vibrant color and look glamorous, you have to be conscientious about avoiding damage to the stone. We recommend that our customers select a designated spot in the house for their rings and that they take them off and put them away as soon as they enter the house. This should help you avoid accidentally damaging your ring while taking care of household chores. 

Here at Saxon’s we are able to order precious colored gemstones for you in different sizes and shapes, or whatever suits your style. Once we have an idea of the stone color and look you desire, we can create a unique look for you using ring mountings that we have in the store or custom order a ring for you. Of course, if you have any questions, you’re welcome to reach out to us anytime!


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